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NEW 30-Minute Workout Plans Added!

Looking for super effective 30-minute workout plans to bring you to your goals? Look no further than my Burn & Tone 30-minute plans!

Let me first remind you that 30-minutes isn't required to get results. I created 15-minute workouts for you that are results-driven and totally effective on their own. If you train consistently with me, those 15-minutes are all you need.

BUT I know many of you opt for 30-minutes, whether sometimes or all the time. And I want to make sure that you train SMART when you do, hence why I've created these plans for you. Follow them if/when you have 30-minutes for a training program that will keep you on track to your goals and resist injury as you progress.

I have just launched FOUR new plans to my website for you to save & slay! These plans incorporate my newest workout Series (10.0, 11.0 and 12.0) and are truly fun and go by super quick. Burn & Tone #13 is picture below -- which incorporates workouts from 5.0, 7.0, 9.0 and 10.0!

Find them ALL here -- just click on 'download now' for the 30-minute plans. You'll even find 30-minute plans here for each of my Series (ie. 30-minutes/day using just the 3.0 workouts).

Unsure where to find the workouts pictured in this plans? I got you!! CLICK HERE.

THANK YOU for choosing to workout with me!! Please let me know how you like these plans by getting in touch or tagging me on Instagram (@fitness_maggie) or Facebook (@fitnessmaggie).

Sweaty hugs! Maggie


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