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Miles With Maggie: New Training Program Launch!

#MilesWithMaggie is an interactive training program to help you improve your endurance in the healthiest, strongest way possible, lose weight and increase muscle tone.


Take the guesswork out of your training and arm yourself with Maggie's effective schedule of audio + video workouts to give you the power to execute your goals.

Increase miles without injury. Take it outside or use a piece of equipment indoors - while this is a run + walk program at its core, you can absolutely participate using a bike, elliptical, or even a stairclimber. You will see & feel results as long as you follow Maggie's lead & the schedule provided.

Speaking of schedule, there are two schedule options for you to choose from. Maggie recommends following her "miles + strength" schedule, but there is a "miles only" option as well. The goal is to provide YOU with the tools you need to be successful in conquering YOUR goals.

The time commitment is 15-20 minutes per day, consistent with what Maggie asks of you in all of her other workouts (free on Amazon Prime Video and more workouts here). You don't need to spend hours working out to be in great shape & see results. You just need to train efficiently.

Miles with Maggie is composed of AUDIO workouts - so you press play, put your phone down, listen up & hone into pushing your body in the way Maggie leads you that particular day. If you choose to follow the recommended "miles + strength" program, you will also be led through workout videos (audio+visual). No equipment is required in these workouts and choosing to integrate them will help you to remain injury-free.

Miles with Maggie is included with your FITNESSMAGGIE crew membership. Join the crew & gain access to everything included here.

...and because Maggie wants you to feel confident in what you spend your hard-earned money on, your first month is FREE (no obligation & no credit card required). $10/month is an easy decision thereafter.


I am SO excited to lead you on your #MWM journey! I promise to have your back -- and make you feel stronger, more confident and HAPPY. Click the button below to get signed up!

Sweaty hugs,



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