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Series 11.0, Mobile App & Fitness Groups (oh my)

If you're looking for SERIES 11.0, interested in my new mobile app, or the [really awesome, positive] changes coming to my fitness groups...

Then you're in the right place! So first up...

⭐️ SERIES 11.0 (and all future workout videos) ⭐️

This new no-equipment workout series is AVAILABLE! Yep, you heard that right: after 5 no-equipment needed series and 5 series with weights... we're back to basics with this workout series that just requires your bodyweight, nothing else!

This workout series is available HERE. This is also where ALL FUTURE WORKOUT VIDEOS will become available. (Why not on Amazon Video?)

What my crew has been saying about SERIES 11.0:


⭐️ New Mobile App! ⭐️

As my fitness groups move to a new platform (see below -- this is starting October 2021!), I am simultaneously excited to announce that you can now access and all the fun content I have for you... on a mobile app!! It is so much easier than navigating my site on a mobile browser... and super helpful to seamlessly participate & access everything in my monthly fitness groups!

Download the app to your mobile device by clicking the DOWNLOAD APP button at the top of my website! If you're asked for an INVITE CODE, it is A3RFIE.

Check out additional details & info HERE.


⭐️ Fitness Groups Moving to a New Platform ⭐️

For the past 7 years, I have been hosting fitness groups on Facebook (in private FB groups). Starting next month, I will now be hosting my monthly fitness groups for my crew on my website. And I'm so excited about it!!!

To access everything included as a member of my crew, you'll simply need to sign-up with a plan HERE.

Once your plan is active, you are official in the Maggie Crew! If you have questions about everything included or have other questions about the group, how it works, etc... make sure you read through the PLAN FEATURES and check out the FITNESS GROUP FAQ at the bottom of this page.


I'll leave you with this:

You never know until you try... and you have nothing to lose when trying costs you nothing.

Joining my crew is always FREE your first month so you can 'try before you buy' so-to-speak.

Join next month & give my new workouts a try, experience what my LIVE Workouts are all about, be supported & inspired by the most incredible crew around... and so much more.

As always, thank you for being here... for choosing to workout with me & allowing me to be a part of your fitness journey!

Sweaty hugs,



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