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LIVE ON DEMAND Workouts Collection

You have expressed your clear desire to have access to our LIVE Workouts long after our monthly groups have wrapped-up... so here goes!!! Say hello to the all new, exciting (and very sweaty) LIVE WORKOUTS COLLECTION!

If you haven't yet joined one of my monthly fitness groups, you might be curious...

Just what are these LIVE workouts?? Quite simply, they are a fun & very sweaty way to keep your fitness fresh, your mind inspired, and your body challenged. But more specifically... they are:

  • 30-45 minutes each

  • Originally streamed LIVE in my monthly fitness group (where I stream two every month)

  • Body weight workouts (no equipment needed)

  • Provide a fresh challenge as they are NEVER the same, ALWAYS fun & FULL of energy

  • Available to complete all at once, or broken up into smaller workouts

This collection of videos will continually be updated! In order to access this collection, you must be currently signed up for my monthly fitness group with either the ANNUAL or MONTHLY+ Fitness Group Membership option. The workouts will not be available to anyone outside of these 2 options. If you've both never joined a fitness group of mine or tried working out with me LIVE... I have good news for you! You can sign-up your first month for FREE!

CLICK HERE to join my next monthly fitness group where TWO brand new, never-done-before LIVE Workouts will be streamed (and available for replay 24/7).

If you have any questions, I'm always here to answer. I hope this new collection (and membership options!) make your life easier, your path to your goals smoother, and your days happier.

Sweaty hugs,



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