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Nov 7

Aug 22

Hey Maggie, I’ve been doing your 15 min no equipment required workouts and contests for several months and I’m ready to invest in some weights to challenge myself with the 6.0 and 7.0 series! I am wo
Aug 9

I received the following question via email this week from Christine S. and thought it was an important & useful one to share here! She asked... "I love your 15 minute workout videos. I have only don
Jul 25

I received the following message from Megan H. this week - and it's perfect for a repost here. :) Pushups are one of the toughest exercises to perform PERFECTLY. And it takes a lot of practice to do t
Oct 4

I've been receiving this question a lot recently... and got it again this morning :) So here I am to officially announce the answer! SERIES 8.0 (with weights) will have 6 workouts in the weekly sched
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Aug 9

Jul 28

Jul 11

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