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NEW 15-Minute Workouts! (with weights)

I fully believe life is better with fitness in it. That's the reason I created 15-minute workouts for you.

My goal was to make fitness an excuse-proof part of your day that would actually make a difference in how you look & feel... leading to a happier, healthier life.

So no matter where you are today, know it's NEVER too late to start.

And no success was ever achieved by saying 'tomorrow,' so get after it today.

If you are just coming across me & my workouts, let me say a quick WELCOME! I have tons of free workouts available to you on Amazon Video, free with Prime, and additional workouts available to you here, on my website! Every workout was designed to work effectively within the weekly schedule I've provided. Be sure to follow them for the results you're looking for!

My newest workout program, Workout Series 12.0 is here! So whether you're ready to dive in to this program or want to start sequentially with my workout Series 1.0, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you START.


Check this quick video for a peek at the fun workouts just launched!

Starting is the hardest part... but I have confidence in you that you CAN -- and will support you through it 100%.

Plus, a commitment of 15-minutes is truly excuse-proof and can make a huge difference in your life.

I told you -- I have your back. I promise.

So here's what's in store with the all new Series 12.0 Workouts! This program does include weights, but I have several programs that use ZERO equipment (and are just as effective!). Check out Series 11.0, for example, for no equipment workouts!

Full Body Push 12.0

(Monday / Day 1 workout)

PUSH yourself (no pun intended) through this full body workout that primarily trains muscles that push weight (resistance) away from your body -- your quads, chest, shoulders and triceps. This workout will have you sweating in no time & feeling great when it's done.

Full Body Pull 12.0

(Tuesday / Day 2 workout)

This workout will balance out yesterday's strength training as we focus on 'pull' exercises, targeting your hamstrings, glutes, biceps and back. Remember to work extra hard today - you might be sore but you can do it!

Cardio Challenge 12.0

(Wednesday / Day 3 workout)

High energy from start to finish in this cardio challenge -- and while this series uses weights, there are none used today! We'll move in all planes to give your body a balanced burn as we sweat and give your cardiovascular system the push to keep getting stronger! Low impact options provided - always take the *impact* that is best for you, while keeping intensity up.

Full Body Push + Pull 12.0

(Thursday / Day 4 workout)

This workout is a complete full body workout. No push or pull - this has both! And promises to smash calories and work you head to toe. The workout combinations are fresh & functional -- which means fun and effective.

Cardio Core 12.0

(Friday / Day 5 workout)

Combining cardio and core is a stellar way to burn fat and chisel something we all care about - both aesthetically & from a functionally strong perspective - our core. So we're kicking up the calorie burn & chiseling your core in this effective workout. It'll fly by -- and you'll feel awesome the whole way through.

HIIT 12.0

(Saturday / Day 6 workout)

Finish up the week with a HIIT workout like no other. Combining traditional HIIT with Tabata, this workout has the best of everything to smash calories (during and after), amp your fitness, make you feel strong & give you something to strive for. It's just what you need before a planned recovery day tomorrow.

You can stream ALL of the above workouts now HERE! And when you start, you gain access to EVERYTHING a Fitness Maggie Membership has in store for you -- and your first month is free!

And please get in touch to ask me any questions you have! Just head HERE & scroll to the bottom of the page to contact me.

Sweaty hugs!



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