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Muscles, Macros & Metabolic Health: Nutrition Program

This 8-week beta nutrition program is launching in March for National Nutrition Month -- and will last through April. This program will guide you to build a body you’re proud of, that feels great from the inside-out – and (most importantly) that you can maintain for life.

This program will ONLY be available during these 8-weeks. Join now so you don't miss it!

I will guide you to mastering food freedom & balance nutrition in a way that feels best for YOU. This program is designed to teach you how to lose weight (fat) and build muscle for longevity (healthy aging) and improve your metabolic health - the foundation of resisting disease.

We will take the time to master your macros & nutrient needs first, setting you up for success in improving your body composition. Muscle mass is so important, especially as we age. It is never too late to build muscle, but every day that goes by without starting is a day wasted in resisting healthy aging - and even in combating disease.

We will dive into how different macronutrients impact your body - both good & bad, and how you can optimize them to feel great.

The state of your metabolic health is a huge factor in disease prevention – and therefore longevity & healthy aging. Your metabolic health is shaped by a number of factors – such as our food choices, microbiome, exercise & stress. In this program, we are going to dial in how you can improve your metabolic health & resist metabolic diseases (such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease & stroke) to live a long, healthy life.

It’s all here - in a program broken down over 8-weeks to help you feel your best… for life.

This program is in combination with my March (& April) Fitness Groups. When you join, you will also be accessing the workout program for March (& April), daily steps I have laid out for you to achieve your fitness goals, access to LIVE Workouts, the optional fitness contest, 24/7 support in our private community: Maggie's Crew Discussion... AND MORE.

I am SO excited to guide you through - follow the instructions below to rock the next 2 months together!

Sweaty hugs!


>> You will need to be signed up with a MONTHLY, MONTHLY PLUS or ANNUAL plan to access & join. >> This program is NOT INCLUDED with First Month Free plans. >> Please click here for more info on everything included in these plans (warning: it's a lot).


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