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Fitness Groups MOVING to a New Platform!

Maybe you've heard (or maybe you haven't!) that I'm moving my fitness groups to a new platform! My crew will now access everything I offer through my website and/or brand spankin' new app!

we're moving

My monthly fitness groups are what YOU make them. I include a lot for a super reasonable monthly cost (and your first month is FREE because I believe in *try before you buy*).

You might choose to participate in the 'crew discussion' and make new friends in the most supportive group around (I highly recommend this😊)... or maybe you just love having access to my two LIVE Workouts each month... or you may simply choose to utilize my new SERIES 11.0... or access my Intermittent Fasting course (10 video course covering everything you need to master IF & make it your own)... etc. etc. etc.

Ultimately... you have ACCESS TO EVERYTHING... so use it all or just what serves you best!

As I move my groups to my website/app, this means I will no longer be hosting my monthly groups on Facebook. If you're not on Facebook and have been unable to take full advantage of participating in my groups in the past... this is no longer a deal-breaker for you! 😍

On a side note, I am not leaving Facebook (or any social media for that matter)! I simply will not be hosting my monthly fitness groups there.

Find EVERYTHING included in my monthly fitness groups by hitting the button below (and scroll to the bottom to view how it works & all the FAQs you might have... answered!)

Please comment below with any questions you have! I am so excited to move forward with this change starting in October 2021! Thank you for being here!

Sweaty hugs,



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