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It's that simple. It's not about eating 'perfectly" or about changing everything you're doing all at once. 

It simply means what it says: if you EAT BETTER, you will FEEL BETTER.

And I'm here to help you make simple changes & improvements that you can sustain over time. No diets here. I have created the tools & resources below to arm you to make changes that last. 


Let's keep it simple, enjoy what you eat, reward your fitness efforts & improve your energy each day. I'm here to help you make it happen.


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Nutrition Programs

Intermittent Fasting

This video course will arm you with the why's and how's of fasting so that you can incorporate fasting into your life in a healthy, effective way. We'll cover everything you need to know to begin and to continue to see & feel results for life.

Fasting 4 Females

Women need to fast in line with their hormones to optimize results, energy, and overall health. This program dives deeper into nutrition, fasting strategies, workouts & more to help you feel better than you ever imagined.

Muscles, Macros & Metabolic Health

This nutrition & fitness-focused program is designed to guide you to resist aging as you lose fat, build muscle & improve your metabolic health (reduce disease risk & improve quality of life).

Tools to Keep it Simple

Meal Plans

My Meal Plans are how I eat. Each Meal Plan is packed full of different recipes that I love & consume regularly. They're simple, delicious & use minimal ingredients. Check them out, view recipes included & start eating better today!

Sweet Treats

If you have a sweet tooth (like me), these recipes books are perfect to satisfy in a healthy way. While each treat is different, the overall theme is high protein, low carb & a healthy dose of fiber. I even provide nutrition information for each treat!

Intermittent Fasting: Simplified eBook

In this eBook, you'll learn exactly how to make sure your body benefits from Intermittent Fasting now & in the future. Learn details of my normal eating schedule, specific protocols I follow & foods I consume on both fasting and non-fasting days and tons more tips & hacks!

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