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I'm not here to tell you it'll be easy, but it will be worth it. You are worth it. You deserve to feel your best - and to have fun in the process. 


That is what joining my crew is all about. You will feel the love from the moment you say "I'm in" and you will be hooked when you feel how much of a difference it makes - both in your mind & your results. 

See below for everything included in your Crew Membership when you join my crew!

I can't wait to have you!

Sweaty hugs,

maggie in plank
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Why Join My Crew

Access to ALL new programs (shown here). PLUS! Miles With Maggie endurance program

*SERIES 1.0 - 10.0 available FREE with Prime or here.*

Fresh NO-EXCUSES workout schedule each month (keep your body challenged & results coming in just 15-minutes/day)

At least two LIVE-streamed workouts every month

(access the replay 24/7 in LIVE NOW)

Access to Maggie's monthly Fitness Group (complete the given steps each day and feel & look your best) 

Access Maggie's Crew Discussion for support, inspiration & motivation from our crew 24/7

Intermittent Fasting Course & additional nutrition info, tips & videos. *Plus NEW Fasting 4 Females program!

Personalized help, tips & motivation from Maggie. *Plus access to our community FORUM.

Optional contest - be rewarded with gift cards / SHOP credit for your progress & hard work

ALL fitness levels & health goals welcome

Access to the LIVE Workouts Collection, a library of past LIVE-streamed workouts

(ANNUAL and MONTHLY PLUS plans only)

CONVENIENCE. Access everything you need in either the Fit app or web browser!

Fitness Group Plan


  • First Month Free

    (Fasting & nutrition programs not included in this plan)
    Valid for one month
  • Monthly

    Every month
    LIVE Workouts Collection *not* included with this plan
  • Monthly PLUS

    Every month
    LIVE Workouts Collection *included* with this plan
  • Annual

    Every year
    LIVE Workouts Collection *included* with this plan


maggie plank by water
Fitness Group FAQ
  • How many calories do I burn in your workouts?
    This answer is different for each of us! But here is how I recommend calculating an awesome estimate of how many calories you're burning with me - log your workout using the My Fitness Pal app or website. Use the exercise lookup feature & type "calisthenics" into the search bar. Then choose "Calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups), vigorous effort" from the matching results. Enter your weight & exercise duration to determine your calories burned. Since calorie burn is unique to each person based upon a number of varying factors, this is the best way to determine how many calories you burn with me. *NOTE: There is also a "light/moderate effort" calisthenics option as well, which you might choose if you feel that light/moderate effort more accurately describes your effort during the workout.
  • What yoga / fitness mat do you recommend?
    I have a Gaiam fitness mat that I love. It has great cushion & doesn't shred. You can find it here.
  • Do I need to begin with Series 1.0?
    If you're just starting out & describe yourself as a 'beginner,' I would recommend starting with Series 1.0. After that, you can truly choose any Series you'd like -- I provide options for all fitness levels in *all* of my workout videos. So if you want to jump to Series 6.0 and see what using weights is all about - go for it! I designed my workouts to always keep you challenged, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
  • How long should I follow a Series program schedule before moving on?
    I generally recommend you stick with a Series and follow the weekly schedule for 4 weeks before moving onto the next. With that said, everyone is different. You may choose to move on sooner or later for a number of reasons (fitness level, variety, consistency, etc). Listen to your body, but if you find yourself getting a bit bored, or going easily through the moves you've done several times, it's time to move forward!
  • I want 30-minutes. Can I combine more than one of your workouts together?
    Yes! And I have created safe, effective schedules for you to follow if this is something you're looking for. You can find them here. *just click download now for the 30-minute workout plans*
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