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Your words & testimonials are everything to me.

Hearing about & seeing your success brings me so much joy - and only further confirms that following my passion... was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I hope you read these stories and digest them as words of encouragement & hope. That you see it's not easy for anyone, but with the will to push forward and feel your best...


Love to you. Stick with it. Never give up. You're worth it.


Amy's Story

I read an article about at home workouts. Maggie's 15 minute videos was one that was featured. So, I looked her up and saw she had a fitness group starting around a week later. I went through series 1.0 and on Friday, May 8th 2020, I took my first picture, a deep breath, and figured for 10 bucks I would see what the group was all about. Maggie told me to jump in with the group schedule and modify as needed. I did one non-weighted workout a day, screamed at the screen, almost cried after finishing the first live, and at some point thought I would be sore forever.


But the crew told me to keep going, reminded me 15 minutes is enough. Maggie told us not to say we "only did one" or "finished but had to modify...", that being here and working our hardest is all we needed to see results.


I started making swaps to my eating habits, learned how to track my nutrition, and was reassured that nothing has to be banned from my diet.

Over the months, I have found a balance of 1 or 2 workouts a day,

weights and no weights. I have traveled and built in time for fitness.

I have battled injuries, mental hiccups, and self-doubt.

To summarize, let me answer this: What has Maggie and this crew

done for me? Everything.

Amy's Story

Kristin's Story

Every four weeks I ask my husband to take progress pictures for me. It really helps me to see how far I’ve come. The first picture was taken December 2 and the second picture was taken this morning (Aug. 22). It’s a 60 pound difference between the two! This is the most consistent I’ve ever been with exercising and eating healthy. A big part of what has helped me stay on track is participating in these groups each month. While I still have more progress to make before I hit my goal weight, I am confident that I’ll get there. Like Maggie says, consistency is key and small changes make a big impact. I’m so grateful for these groups


*Update: 2.5 months later -

What a difference a year can make! Last year at this time, I saw my picture and I was upset that I let my weight get so out of control. I knew I had to make a change. Originally, I set out to hit my goal weight within a year. I didn’t make it, but that’s

ok. I know I will get there because this is a process and it takes time.


Plus losing 75 pounds is pretty amazing. It’s been 12 months of hard work, dedication, and consistency. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been so worth it.

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. What’s different this time is my mind set. I’m looking at this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. I’ve found my “why” and I’ve learned it’s about balance and planning. (I can still have pizza or treats occasionally.) I make weekly meal plans. I drink a TON of water, some coffee, and the occasional glass of wine. I did this without fad diets, pills, or surgery and I am so damn proud of myself.

Kristin's Story

Maggie's Story

Maggie's completely down to earth, and all of her workouts can be done at home with little or no weights! The results are astounding.

And the best part is... the weight is staying off! I’ve always been health conscious, working out and eating healthy since high school, but after I had my children I struggled with my weight a lot. I started my reboot health and fitness journey in 2017. My starting weight was 186 lbs. I was a 6-7 days a week, 3 hours in the gym, 45 minutes in the sauna, 1 hour of cardio kinda girl. In 2019, I got a personal trainer, nutritionist, continued my intense workout routine, and also added IF to the mix. I lost 26lbs and kept it off, but could not  get below 160lbs.

maggie carlton progress.png

When Covid hit, I did a lot of sitting around. I gained back 16lbs and was feeling so horrible about myself. I knew I needed to change something and being home, I searched workouts on Prime. I found Maggie in May of 2020 and started her 15 minute workouts. In September I joined her group on Facebook. Best thing I ever did for my fitness journey! I’ve been in her monthly groups and fitness contest ever since. The people in her crew are so awesome and uplifting. It’s such an amazing accountability and support group!


Today I am so excited to say I have lost 38lbs and 5 inches from my waist. Her workouts are so realistic and give you the results you’ve always been looking for. I never thought I could get in this good of shape at home! Look no further! Maggie is the real deal!

Maggie's Story

Stephanie M.

I watched my first Maggie workout on Prime from my bed (probably snacking), and said to myself, "Oh, I can do that!" And the next day I tried and made it about halfway through the 1.0 leg workout. I was devastated. But when I could walk again (haha), I gave it another try. Fast forward almost 2 years, Maggie is the only workout program I have ever been able to stick with. There really is no excuse to not get 15 minutes in every day. And the biggest thing I've learned from this whole journey is that its not about what you lose. It's about what you gain: inner strength as well as physical strength; mental clarity; energy for all the daily tasks I was too depressed for before. I went from living in a super messy 2 bedroom apartment, feeling like my life was on pause, to having the confidence to step out and buy a house. My whole concept of what it is to live healthy has been replaced with a much healthier and more realistic lifestyle. And I'm loving this journey.

Lauren N.

I've worked out regularly for years. I have always been a runner, but over the years and with work things got more difficult to remain consistent. In an effort to have some kind of routine I started doing Maggie workouts in April. I’ve seen the most consistent and constant progress after joining this group. I’m proud of myself for the first time in a while. Thank you all for the motivation and support.

Nikky J.

This group is amazing. Y'all have been a constant for me the last few months. One day my friend Claire told me about Maggie and I have been hooked ever since. I remember when she first mentioned it I said to myself... I can't do that. But zoom forward many months now... I have seen so many body change - including finally fitting into these size 14 pants pants from a 16 for months. I am so thrilled and thankful for Maggie and all of you!

Talia F.

I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight and gained a TON of muscle in the process! I'm so thankful for Maggie's workouts because 15 minutes is enough to kick my butt into shape and still have time to chase these 2 crazy hooligans around! I wanted to be healthy not just for myself, but for my be a good role model for them.

Laura P.

I just turned 51 and I know I have a long way to go on my fitness journey. I am by no means skinny or ripped, but I think I do more than most women my age, at least women my age that I know. I had a total left hip replacement 4 years ago. I have to modify some exercises because they just don't "feel" right, but here I am, doing the damn thing!

Marjan D.

Three months ago I just had hit my limit and I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt. I am a former Army Reservist and I always had been active in my life and I just hit a wall after having my fifth child at age 50. I mentioned it to a friend of mine who told me about Maggie‘s 15 minute videos on Prime. I said you know what I could do that and so I gave it a shot, I was hooked after the first day even joining the group though it was after the deadline for the contest. I’ve been going strong ever since and have lost 23 pounds since August! 

Courtney D.

Never in a million years did I think a mom of two (having to have two c-sections, and a second child weighing nearly 10 pounds at birth) who is nearing age 40 with a degenerative disc in my low back (etc., etc., blah, blah!) would have any hope of getting back to ME (to how I once felt and looked). But thanks to Maggie & the support of these groups, I have realized this possibility! Since starting these groups in May, I have lost 20 pounds, found my eating groove, built muscle, lost fat, started to see my abs again, increased my strength and stamina, and just become a better and more healthy human, wife, and mom.

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