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Foot & Ankle Injury Workouts | Non-Weight-Bearing Series

Are you experiencing foot or ankle pain? Maybe you're injured, recovering from surgery or simply need to stay off your feet. If any of these ring true to you... you're in the right place to make sure you're not skipping your workouts and keeping fitness a priority in your life.

These non-weight-bearing workouts were designed specifically for foot & ankle injury after experiencing injury myself and recognizing there was a need for this program. A workout program that was created to keep you active, strong & fit... even when navigating injury.

But let me say this... injured or not, you will be amazed at just HOW challenged you will be throughout these workouts. I am really proud of what I've put together - and so excited to share this program with you.


A little about my history...

You most likely know I am quite passionate about fitness, nutrition & overall health. That led me here, of course. 😍 But years of feeling invincible, teaching hours upon hours of [high impact / intense] group fitness classes and pushing my own personal workout limits day after day... well, I would tell younger Maggie to prioritize recovery a bit more. I've had my fair share of injuries, but this ankle situation has really been the first that has stumped me & caused me to struggle more than any other. (Do we think this is because I'm nearing 40?🤪)

After about a year of ankle pain (without a moment to pinpoint when the 'injury' occurred) and doing everything I could to try to fix it (from fully low impact workouts, PT exercises, acupuncture and even castor oil packs), I decided it was time to visit a specialist. I met with a foot & ankle orthopedic doctor and had X-Rays and an MRI done.

The X-Rays showed nothing, but from the MRI I was diagnosed with OLT, or osteochondral lesion of the talus (also called OCD - osteochondral defect). There was also a pretty large talar bone bruise as well, possibly contributing to the deep pain I was feeling.

From conversations with my doctor and loads of research of my own, I found that there wasn't much in the way of treatment aside from surgery (for the OCD/OLT), but that a bone bruise really could only heal through time in non-weight-bearing. My doctor recommended 4 weeks immobilized (in a boot) and on crutches to try to heal the bone bruise.

And that is where these workouts were born.

At the time of launching this program, I am about 10 weeks out from being NWB and 6 weeks out from a PRP injection in my ankle. This procedure is something I discovered deep into research over my 4 weeks of being NWB and decided it was absolutely worth it to give this procedure a try.

If you've never heard of PRP, it stand for platelet-rich-plasma. The procedure involves having your own blood drawn, centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich-plasma and then injected back into your injured area with the assistance of ultrasound. The healing effects are said to take 4-8 weeks, so I am hoping to continue to feel improvement without opting for surgery.

My own history here doesn't really matter as it pertains to this workout program... but if sharing helps just one person, then it's worth my sharing it.


About this program...

This workout program includes ten (10) workouts (outlined below). This is because if you are bound to a boot or recovering from surgery, you might be leaning into this program for 4, 6 or 8 weeks. I wanted you to have more workouts to deliver a more balanced & effective program when it's all you have at your fingertips.

The program is designed to follow Days 1-5, then rest/recover for a day or two, and then go through Days 6-10 (but you can vary this depending on YOUR needs).

This program will be available exclusively to my crew, accessible on my website or on the Fit by Wix app under the Series 11.0 & Beyond tab. *If you have never joined me on the app, the invite code (when asked) is A3RFIE.

You will find the workout schedule for this program (as well as ALL of my 15-minute workout schedules) here (including 'switch-it-up' schedules if you have gone through all of my Workout Series start to finish!).

foot & ankle injury workouts cover


Day 1: Full Body I

This full body workout will challenge you in ways you not only need... but deserve. Get ready to work the chest, back, core, glutes & hips in this full body workout. Injured or not, this workout will deliver.

Day 2: Arms & Core

Think a NWB arms & core workout may not get your heart rate up?Think again! This workout is spicy, fun and... CHALLENGING. Don't skip arms & core day - you’ll feel alive & energized throughout. 

Day 3: Glutes & Hips 

This workout focuses on strengthening & improving mobility of the glutes & hips through some incredibly focused exercises that will leave you feeling fantastic.

Day 4: Stretch & Mobility 

After 3 days of some serious work through every muscle in your body, today we are focused on some stretching & mobility. Flexibility is so important as is your ability to work through full range of motion in a joint. Today is a gift you don’t want to miss – plus it’s part of the program schedule, which I always advise you to stick to.

Day 5: Posterior Push 

After yesterday’s recovery session, you’re ready to work again. This workout is focused on your posterior chain. Think the posture muscles, lower back & glutes – all areas that we need to put focus into strengthening to counter the negative impacts of being immobile during injury (and time looking at computers, phones and/or being in a seated position).

Day 6: Full Body II 

The second full body workout in this program differs from - and compliments - the first (and the third) full body sessions. Today’s workout pushes you though strengthening the back, core, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and triceps. It’s a good one - don’t miss it. 

Day 7: Shoulders & Core 

Just as it sounds, this workout is all about your shoulders & core. We tapped into both of these muscle groups yesterday but don’t you worry - today is completely different & you’re ready for it. 

Day 8: Strength & Stretch 

A little stretching… a lot of strengthening. Today’s workout will work (& stretch) through your back, triceps, hips and core – exercises that compliment each of the other workouts & challenge your muscles in new ways. 

Day 9: Full Body III

The final full body workout in this program. A fantastic & challenging push that’s absolutely mandatory not to leave out. 

Day 10: Glutes & Core 

Before a day or two of rest / recovery, we focus on two of my very favorite muscle groups – your core & glutes. We focus highly on both of these throughout this program because they are such powerhouses for your body and today… they take on new challenges head-on. 


Thank you for putting your trust in me when it comes to your fitness routine. I am beyond honored you choose to lean on me, sweat with me and entertain me sharing my passion for fitness with you!

If you have any questions, please don't be shy. Feel free to get in touch with me at the bottom of this page.

Sweaty hugs!



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