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  • How many calories do I burn in your workouts?
    This answer is different for each of us! But here is how I recommend calculating an awesome estimate of how many calories you're burning with me - log your workout using the My Fitness Pal app or website. Use the exercise lookup feature & type "calisthenics" into the search bar. Then choose "Calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups), vigorous effort" from the matching results. Enter your weight & exercise duration to determine your calories burned. Since calorie burn is unique to each person based upon a number of varying factors, this is the best way to determine how many calories you burn with me. *NOTE: There is also a "light/moderate effort" calisthenics option as well, which you might choose if you feel that light/moderate effort more accurately describes your effort during the workout.
  • What yoga / fitness mat do you recommend?
    I have a Gaiam fitness mat that I love. It has great cushion & doesn't shred. You can find it here.
  • Do I need to begin with Series 1.0?
    If you're just starting out & describe yourself as a 'beginner,' I would recommend starting with Series 1.0. After that, you can truly choose any Series you'd like -- I provide options for all fitness levels in *all* of my workout videos. So if you want to jump to Series 6.0 and see what using weights is all about - go for it! I designed my workouts to always keep you challenged, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
  • How long should I follow a Series program schedule before moving on?
    I generally recommend you stick with a Series and follow the weekly schedule for 4 weeks before moving onto the next. With that said, everyone is different. You may choose to move on sooner or later for a number of reasons (fitness level, variety, consistency, etc). Listen to your body, but if you find yourself getting a bit bored, or going easily through the moves you've done several times, it's time to move forward!
  • I want 30-minutes. Can I combine more than one of your workouts together?
    Yes! And I have created safe, effective schedules for you to follow if this is something you're looking for. You can find them here. *just click download now for the 30-minute workout plans*
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