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Hey there! Welcome & thank you for visiting! :) I'm Maggie, a Hoosier-raised, Boilermaker-educated girl who has planted her feet in Baltimore and created a pretty sweet life here. I was born and raised in Indy and will always be an Indy girl at heart (GO COLTS!!!). I have a wonderful family, two dogs that I love like children, the best friends in the world, and a man who stole my heart and has held it safe since. And now we're newly weds! 


I love (LOVE) fitness. I live and breathe it. I also love nutrition, which is actually where everything started for me. When I was young (like, 12), I was fascinated by the Nutrition Facts panel and everything it stood for. My initial interest in nutrition was similar to how many individuals’ interests begin — clouded. I wasn’t a carb-watcher, a gluten-natzi, or a protein freak. I was the one conscious of fat grams. I have grown and learned since, and understand and embrace the importance of balance in our diets.

Fitness came about later – in high school – for me. I was never a great athlete, so my interest in “working out” came when I could drive and would go to the YMCA. I quickly became interested in cardio (running, stair mill, elliptical) and weight-training. I read magazines and books to educate myself.

My interest only grew over the years and I ended up with a bachelors degree from Purdue University in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health and some certifications I happen to be proud of as well: ACSM-certified Exercise Physiologist and certified instructor in Insanity LIVE, TurboKick, PIYO, CIZE and SURFSET.

My love for everything health and fitness is limitless. I LOVE meeting people, building relationships, and helping those individuals to better themselves in whichever ways are best for them. My life revolves around being positive and helping others to do the same – as they become stronger, fitter, happier, healthier individuals.

In whatever way I can help, I am here for you. I have created a plethora of tools to help you improve your happiness and health --- 15-Minute Online Workouts, virtual events so we can work together, an exercise library with video demos (full body, upper, lower & core), my pre- and post-workout product recommendations, a blog with all kinds of nutrition & fitness tips and more.


Please reach out & say hi! I'd love to hear from you! 




If you need some immediate inspiration... be sure to watch this quick video that my insanely talented husband created.