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Intermittent Fasting: Simplified *eBook Launch!*

Whether you're brand new to intermittent fasting, a seasoned vet or somewhere in between... my new Intermittent Fasting: Simplified eBook is for you!

Even if you're not interested in trying fasting, the nutrition tips, hacks & practices I share will help you with your nutrition!

I have poured my own personal practices into writing for you with the goal of continuing to help answer your questions & guide you on your journey to becoming healthier, happier & fitter.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • Details of HOW to make sure your body reaps the many benefits of fasting (keeping Intermittent Fasting as a catalyst for your body is super important).

  • How to calculate your calorie needs and how to track so you don't drive yourself crazy on a daily basis.

  • Details of my normal eating schedule - what days I'm fasting / which days I'm not.

  • ... and specific protocols I follow on both my fasting days & non-fasting days.

  • Exactly what foods I break my fast with (this is so important!!) -- and when -- as well as other 'acceptable' options for you.

  • The foods I'm consuming daily during my fueling window.

  • Five (5) days' worth of recipes/foods/meals. These are 5 actual, real days that are 'typical' for me.

  • .... and so many more details, tips & hacks!!! 16 pages of awesome info, from Yours Truly ❤️

I hope you enjoy every piece & it helps you to improve your own nutrition practices... whether you 'practice' intermittent fasting or not! (Just click the button above to grab yours!)

Sweaty hugs!



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