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Muscles, Macros
& Metabolic Health

Maggie designed this program to guide you to resist aging as you lose fat, build muscle & improve your metabolic health with fitness & nutrition-focused tools

This program can change your life.

A quick & dirty on how...

This program will help you master your nutrition in a way that feels best for you.


I designed this program with the goal of teaching you how to confidently and continually make positive adjustments throughout your life that will support improving your health.


This program is extremely in-depth & empowering - covering everything from calorie goals, how each macronutrient impacts your body, protein & aging, your microbiome, fat loss, energy, supplements & so much more. 

real changes from real people

who completed the 8-week beta program

I am seeing major improvements in my mood, energy on and off the mat, and especially in sleep. This program is my therapy and I’m forever thankful.


"This program has been AMAZING. You've summarized topics into digestible information. I can't say enough good things!"

Maria L.

[more] real changes from real people

Feeling pretty good about these results!! Thank you for all you do!!


The lesson I learned from the last 8 weeks? The scale is not the whole story! I only lost like 4 pounds but these before and after show another story. Still have a long way to go, but proud of the progress I made!


I cannot tell you how good these pictures make me feel! I am dropping weight in a way that is healthy, gaining muscles and feeling amazing. I think All my clothes are too big and my body is freaking STRONG!


I didn’t lose any weight. But apparently when I went back and looked from 8 weeks ago, I look different. And here I thought I was trying so hard with what I had to work with and what’s been going on in my life, that nothing has been working, so I thought about just giving up.


Grab the Muscles, Macros & Metabolic Health program now & start changing your health & your life for the better!

Only $15

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