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Wedding Fun + Workout💍💪🏻

This workout of the week is coming to you a little later than usual... my apologies for that! But it's a good, quick sweaty one that I think you'll like! (I liked it!!) We flew home this morning from the beautiful Alys Beach, FL where we celebrated my step-sister's wedding. It was an awesome, fun-packed trip!!! Lots of indulgences (lots). But I love that about vacation. Here are a few pics from the wedding... as it truly was a beautiful celebration. And my dad & step-mom did an amazing job hosting the entire weekend!

my beautiful sister
the bride herself!
my future hubs & date for life

dad + future son-in-law
my adorable sister & Nick
Daddy's girl, always
carrying our dad around for zero reason :)

Back in the saddle today! Here was my workout from this evening. And your workout of the week!! Have at it & tell me what ya thought!

workout of the week

Happy sweating!


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