How NOT to Slack-Off

Happy SUMMER!!! It is beyond exciting [to me] that summer is officially here -- however, it's totally crazy that it's already almost July! DUDE. How?! For many of us, summer ends up being B-U-S-Y. That's not to say every other part of the year is busy for us... but there's something about the increased social commitments, travel, and other factors like kids home from school... that somehow makes summer feel packed with plans, and short on time. I sure wish it didn't seem to fly so fast, and I know you're with me. But even with the increased busy-ness, we HAVE to find a way - and commit to it - to keep our health & fitness a priority. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. But I'm here to h

Fitness Contest Starts Tomorrow!

In case you haven’t signed up yet... tonight’s the night! I would love to see your bright & smiling face in June’s group. We will be working out together, LIVE, once a week— and if you can’t join live, you can replay the live stream whenever works for your schedule! We’ll set goals & knock them out of the water. I’ll hold you accountable, provide support, and all sorts of motivation— as will the rest of our group. There’s an optional meal plan for you to follow too! Click here to read more, see the details, and SIGN UP! And be sure to email me if you have any questions!! :) Maggie

FREE Week: It's On!

It's been an exceptionally fun week for me -- seeing all of your posts after working out 'together' every day has made me smile SO big (see this post if you're missing out)! But in case you haven't elected to participate yet... it's absolutely not too late. Today is Day 3/5 and there is still plenty of time for you to be a possible winner of a $15 gift card [to the store of your choosing]. However, those of you who do decide to participate... let's be honest... I know it's not for the $15. It's for the accountability, for the support, the challenge, the excitement & camaraderie of the friends you decided to share this challenge with & encourage while you each make a point to improve your day

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