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NEW Program: Fasting 4 Females (men too)

Women & men are built differently (as if this is news to you😍). And when it comes to fasting, our differences, well, make a difference.

If fasting is new to you, let me first address that fasting is both effective & simple. Additionally, fasting is not restrictive. Fasting is, in fact, freeing (and free).

The problem with traditional diets is they all tend to promote the same message: Restriction (from calories or specific macronutrients) and a strong focus on simply calories in vs. calories out.

We’ve also been taught our entire lives that in order to keep our metabolism revved up, we need to eat several small meals each day. This is NOT the answer.

I will be the first to admit that not every diet or nutrition approach works for everyone. We all thrive in different ways by trying different strategies.

But if you’ve read this far, there’s a chance something hasn’t been working for you. And my personal opinion is that there is no harm in trying this approach. And I actually believe whole-heartedly that you’ll thrive when you do.

This program will go beyond the guidance & information provided in my Intermittent Fasting Course and eBook to help women dial in fasting to work with their bodies, in line with their hormones & needs, and further improve the benefits that you can experience with fasting.

This is a SELF-PACED program. You progress through on YOUR time, at YOUR pace. Go through this information at a pace that works for you and REVISIT as often as you need -- which, you WILL need to because here's a truth for ya...

Just like when we binge-watch a show and then forget half of what we watched... we can binge this program and then forget things. So go through it as quickly/slowly as you'd like and revisit often to continue to DIGEST info and APPLY strategies to your life.

A snapshot of what's included in this program (guiding you through step-by-step):

  • Specific protocols & strategies for women to fast + workout to support healthy hormonal balance

  • Nutrients & hormone impacts

  • An in-depth look at carbs, protein & fat

  • Carb cycling

  • Nutrition for longevity

  • The true power of protein

  • Frequency, duration & varying your fasts [for optimal results]

  • Strategies for hormonal rebalancing

  • Cycle fasting protocols

  • ... and SO much more.

I am REALLY excited to share this program with you. It's been a labor of love and I hope with all of my soul that you find it helpful.

It is called F4F[together] because it was developed with WOMEN in mind. But I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how incredibly helpful this information can be for ANYONE. Men, that means you, too.

The information & strategies in this program are ones I have been DYING to share with you. I know you are going to love it. And as you utilize it, you will come out STRONGER, HAPPIER & CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS.

This program launches and will become available to my crew on Monday, June 12th. Once it's available, you will find it here.

As a reminder, this program is available with one of my monthly / annual crew memberships. If you are currently on the first month free plan, give yourself a gift & get yourself an upgrade!!! 😉

I can't wait to continue to guide you on your fitness & health journey! If you have any questions, please drop a comment below or get in touch with me.


* AVAILABLE 6.12.23 *


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