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FREE Week: It's On!

It's been an exceptionally fun week for me -- seeing all of your posts after working out 'together' every day has made me smile SO big (see this post if you're missing out)! But in case you haven't elected to participate yet... it's absolutely not too late. Today is Day 3/5 and there is still plenty of time for you to be a possible winner of a $15 gift card [to the store of your choosing].

However, those of you who do decide to participate... let's be honest... I know it's not for the $15. It's for the accountability, for the support, the challenge, the excitement & camaraderie of the friends you decided to share this challenge with & encourage while you each make a point to improve your day & your life.

I am beyond honored to be a part of your fitness regimen, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! I love hearing from you and learning more about YOU, your GOALS, what you've overcome & what your journey has entailed. I'm so happy to be able to provide you with short, effective workouts you can do ANYWHERE, on your time... because you deserve that EASE of being able to put you, your body, and your wellbeing first.

Some notes to remember this week...

  1. While I would love to see your sweaty, post-workout selfies... any picture you decide to share is perfect! Just be sure to mention me in the post by tagging me (see below) & share which of my 15-minute workouts you did!

  2. If posting on Facebook, make sure you tag me ( @fitnessmaggie -- which will pop up as Maggie Binkley Fitness ) and make your post public so that I am notified & can see it.

  3. If posting on Instagram, your profile/account has to be public for be to be notified that you have tagged me in your post ( also: tag @fitnessmaggie ). If this doesn't work for you, I recommend popping on Facebook, since you simply need to make your post public.

  4. June 18th starts my 2-week fitness contest... where you will receive more personal attention in a small-group setting (virtually)... click here to check it out.

If you have any questions... I am here to help! Just shoot me an email.

Make it a great day!! Maggie

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