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Low Impact | Under the Weather Workouts

If you're looking for quick, effective, no equipment needed workouts... you know where to look (and if you don't, you've come to the right place). But what about when you're not feeling 100%? Or just need a fully low impact workout?

Good news is - I have your back here too!

My Under the Weather | Low Impact workouts are perfectly challenging and effective. And still coming in at 15-minutes a pop, they keep you on track & provide exactly what you need... so you never need to skip a workout [without actual good reason].

To date, I have launched 7 of these workouts:

5 (five) Full Body Workouts

1 (one) Upper + Core

1 (one) Legs & Booty

They are all fantastic - and fantastically different. I often talk about the importance of remaining CONSISTENT but also keeping your body CHALLENGED - and these fit the bill. Seven available, more to come.

These workouts are available exclusively to my crew. If you're looking for my 15-Minute workouts available on Amazon Prime, pick your poison here (and stick with it!).

The benefits of joining my crew are plentiful. Aside from access to ALL workouts that I have launched beyond Series 10.0, you have access to LIVE Workouts (and their 24/7 replays, on demand), my monthly fitness groups, community support & camaraderie, nutrition resources and more. Your first month is 100% free (no credit card required) and it's only $10/month thereafter. See everything included when you join my crew here.

Ready to slay some UTW | LOW IMPACT workouts with me?? Look no further... ACCESS THEM HERE.




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