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Maggie's Intermittent Fasting Course

This 10-video course will arm you with the why's and how's of Intermittent Fasting (IF) so that you can incorporate fasting into your life in a healthy, effective way. We'll cover everything you need to know to begin and to continue to see & feel results for life.

What's inside

If you're new to fasting, this course is perfect to break down just how simple incorporating fasting should be. If you already have experience with fasting, you will learn some cool strategies to make sure you continue to see the changes & results you're looking for.

Here's a preview of each of the 10-videos you'll access in this course:

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if vid.jpg

Benefits & basics of intermittent fasting

Weight loss struggles & the science of IF

Fasting, metabolism & weight loss

Methods, protocols & how to make it work for YOU

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Let's talk calories

What to eat

Fasting & workouts

Fat loss & timing your workouts

Break a plateau

Common mistakes & FAQs

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Fasting 4 Females Program

Women need to fast in line with their hormones to optimize results, energy, and overall health. This program dives deeper into nutrition, fasting strategies, workouts & more to help you feel better than you ever imagined.

What's inside

SELF-PACED program.

You progress through on YOUR time, at YOUR pace. Go through the information at a pace that works for you and REVISIT as often as you need -- which, you WILL need to because here's a truth for ya...

Binge & forget?

Just like when we binge-watch a show and then forget half of what we watched... we can binge this program and then forget things. So go through it as quickly or slowly as you'd like... and revisit often to continue to DIGEST info and APPLY strategies to your life.

A snapshot...

What's included as you're guided step-by-step in this program: 

  • Specific protocols & strategies for women to fast + workout to support healthy hormonal balance

  • Nutrients & hormone impacts

  • An in-depth look at carbs, protein & fat

  • Carb cycling

  • Nutrition for longevity

  • The true power of protein

  • Frequency, duration & varying your fasts [for optimal results]

  • Strategies for hormonal rebalancing

  • Cycle fasting protocols

  • ... and SO much more.

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available exclusively to Maggie's Crew with a 
MONTHLY, MONTHLY PLUS or ANNUAL crew membership plan
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