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Virtual Monthly Fitness Groups

The purpose of this blog is to provide the most up-to-date & accurate info about how/what/why/when I host these groups! You can totally check out this FAQ post as well.

So first - WHAT are these groups?!

They are virtual. They happen monthly. They have an *optional* contest portion (with prizes for an added push). They are support, motivation, & inspiration on steroids. They provide an awesome, effective plan that doesn't require too much time - and is also flexible. No more excuses when you pair this plan with the support of the crew. They are personal and you receive individual attention & help from myself (as well as from the crew). They are hosted in a private Facebook group (so you do need to have an account - even if you create one in a false name simply to be a part of it!). They are great for ALL fitness levels and all fitness goals. And there is always a nutrition component.

HOW do they work?

As I mentioned above, they are hosted all within a private Facebook group. The group 'opens' the moment you can sign-up. And it remains open until the weekend before the next month's group begins. If you're not on FB, you will need to create an account to participate (many people do this in a fake name!). There is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS that happens here. From real conversations amongst the crew. Massive support. Nutrition info. The LIVE workouts are streamed here. Additional info, motivation, support, etc. etc. etc.

What about the CONTEST portion?

It is optional to participate in the contest portion. But if you have weight loss / muscle toning goals, it certainly can provide an added boost of motivation! I announce the winners and send their prizes!! Winners are determined based upon total % loss. Again, this is totally optional and there are MANY people who join my groups simply for everything else they love about them (and don't participate in the contest).

And how about those LIVE WORKOUTS?

Ohhhh these are the best. So much fun. So much sweat. And this is MY CHANCE to connect with you even further... not to mention your chance to get to know me better (and Riley, my adorable Yorkie who almost always joins for the fun). These workouts typically last 30-45 minutes and require zero equipment. They are streamed LIVE, and available for replay 24/7 thereafter for the entire duration of our monthly group together. So... if 15 minutes / day is enough... why do I make these longer?? Great question. And my answer is two-fold: 1) To provide a little extra fun & push you in new ways. It's also totally okay to break this workout up if you can't do the whole thing at one time.

2) They are LOVED... and I would HEAR ABOUT IT if I ever decided to make them shorter. Once you try them, you're likely to be hooked... and enjoy that extra time to yourself, the extra push, and the fact that you'll surprise yourself with how awesome you feel afterwards.

You can even TRY a live workout from a previous monthly group here!

LASTLY - WHY do I host these groups?

I feel like this doesn't require an answer... but for the sake of answering any curious minds..... :) Ultimately, I LOVE helping you with your fitness, nutrition & health goals. I LOVE connecting with you - it's truly a blessing for me to get to know you & build a relationship with you beyond you kicking tail with me in my 15-minute workout videos. I LOVE diving all-in with you and helping in all the ways I can. I just love it. So hopefully that answer satisfies. ;-)

If you have any other questions, check out that FAQ page (above) or ask me! You can also access those live workouts to get them a try at the link above & check out prior month's workout schedules here (and complete them to challenge your body in new ways!).

I absolutely, 100% hope you join the next group!! Head here to get yourself all signed up!

Sweaty hugs,

Maggie :)


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