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Fitness Contest FAQ

Hey you! You're in the right place to have some of your most commonly asked questions about my fitness groups / contests answered! (PS - I use the words 'group' and 'contest' interchangeably! :) There's been such an influx of Qs coming my way so I wanted to be sure there was a place to answer them for you ALL!

And if you have a question that hasn't been answered between my Fitness Contest page, this newer blog post & this post you're reading... please ask me! << PS: you can also SIGN-UP for my next group by following the 'fitness contest' link!

1) Am I required to send you pictures + measurements each week?

In short, NO. This is not required. My contests are AMAZING for motivation, camaraderie, goal-setting, collaboration and inspiration for EVERYONE. Not to mention slam-dunk tools to help you reach you progress forward toward your goals. I invite absolutely everyone who wants these extremely helpful aspects of a group to join. BUT If you're interested in earning prizes ($$) for your results, then YES, it is required to follow my rules around submitting your pics/measurements to me on the first Monday & last Friday of the contest period. That is why I call my monthly groups "contests," because of the option to WIN PRIZES. But these are technically fitness groups that have a contest option. I hope that makes sense & helps to answer your questions about this aspect of the group.

2) Is any equipment required for my workouts?

It was never been required before November of 2018, as all of my 15-minute workouts were ALL no-equipment workouts. Since Series 6.0 and beyond launched - which are 15-minute workouts that include the use of dumbbells - I have decided to start integrating these workouts into the monthly workout schedules for my 2-week contests. But I still stand hardcore behind the fact that you don't NEED equipment to get a fabulous + effective workout, so whenever I integrate weighted workouts into these monthly workout schedules, I will ALSO give no-equipment options. And the LIVE workout each week will not include equipment. So NO, equipment is not required. But there is a component where you can use dumbbells if you have them and choose to.

3) Speaking of the LIVE workouts... how do they work?

Each week, I "go live" in our private Facebook group for a LIVE workout (this means there are 2 total over the course of the 2 weeks!). This workout typically lasts between 30-45 minutes. You can join LIVE and do the workout as I live-stream, or you can do the workout at a later time that week as it will remain available 24/7. I give instruction on HOW to rearrange your workout schedule depending on when you build it into your week, so there is no guessing there. The LIVE workout doesn't require any equipment and PROMISES to leave you super sweaty... yet smiling. :)

4) I'm not on Facebook - can I still participate without a FB account?

While you're still more than welcome to join for the 'contest' portion and submitting your pics/measurements to me to be eligible for prizes... you will not have access to the live workouts, group discussions, nutrition info, etc. This is a common question, so you're not alone. But FB provides the best platform for me to offer you everything I can throughout these groups. Many people will decide to create a FB account with a fake name solely to join my groups - so feel free to do this & share that fake name with me so I know who you are when you get signed up! :)

5) What if I want to workout for 30-minutes each day?

Since this became a regular request in my groups sometime in 2019, I have decided to always provide a 30-min schedule option, utilizing the workouts in the given monthly schedule. I always want to be sure you are working out safely and effectively, so it's my pleasure to provide this schedule. I always post it in our FB group for your convenience. So if 30-minutes is something you're hungry for and have time to conquer, you can get after it safely. By no means is this required or necessary to see & feel results.

6) When is my deadline to JOIN?

The deadline to join my contests is always 9:00pm EST on the Sunday night before we start. This means you follow the prompts to officially join the contest by 9pm on the Sunday night before a contest start-date. Just requesting to join the FB group is NOT joining, and you will be removed from the FB group by Monday morning if you have not signed up on my website by then.

These are the most common questions that have been coming my way recently, so I hope that helped to clear up any Qs you've been pondering.

Check out my blog on SERIES 6.0 and SERIES 7.0! These new workout programs have gained a lots of traction & I am so grateful to you all for that! The links above share all about each workout included in each Series, so if you're curious -- check them out! If you have any questions about Series 8.0 or 9.0, please ask! I didn't post a blog post about these program when they launched in 2019 and 2020.

Have a wonderful, happy & healthy day!



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