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Workout of the Week: Treadmill + Upper Strength

HEY friends! This week I'm starting something new: sharing a WORKOUT OF THE WEEK... one in which I did myself in the week prior! I am asked all the time what I do... and the honest answer is always different... & almost always off-the-cuff... but I do my best to balance high & low intensity cardio, strength via weights & bodyweight, flexibility, plyometrics & power, etc. I hope you benefit from my sharing & it helps you to switch up your workouts, give your body new challenges and keep boredom at bay.

This week's Workout of the Week is a combination of cardio (via treadmill) and strength (focus on the biceps, triceps and shoulders). It's a workout I did this past week.

workout of the week

A couple pointers...

  • Not a runner? Instead of RUNNING for 2 minutes at the 3% incline, WALK (briskly) at a 10-12% incline... then lower your incline to 6-8% during the 1 minute walk. Incline walking is AMAZING & I do it often. Just remember to pump your arms, keep your abs engaged, and try not to hold onto the treadmill.

  • No free weights at home? No problem. Either use some large water bottles & up the reps (to 20-30 instead of 15) or purchase some that you can keep at home... it'll pay off if you're committed to doing some at-home workouts.

If you have any questions, please share them in a comment below! And please tell me... WHAT DID YOU THINK? :)

High five to you!! Maggie

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