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Fitness Groups, Crew Collage & Fun Gear

If you've just found me recently ... or you just want more clarity on how I can further push you to reach your goals (beyond my 15-minute workouts alone), you've come to the right place.

My monthly fitness groups are simply this - a motivating, supportive, informative, energizing and safe place for you to push yourself to truly find & become your best self.

Each month, I start a new group with fresh content. Each month there are consistent things we do. And each month, there are cool, unique things I offer as well. My groups are welcoming & appropriate for all fitness levels & all goals.


  • No-excuses workout schedule (15-minutes/day that WORKS)

  • 2 LIVE-streamed workouts (available for replay 24/7 for the entire month)

  • Nutrition focus (changes each month)

  • Optional contest (win gift cards for kicking tail)

  • Crew collage

  • Personalized tips & tricks from me

  • Support, motivation & inspiration from our amazing crew 24/7

To expand on / further explain the above bullet points...

WORKOUT SCHEDULE: I create a new schedule each month composed of my 15-minute workouts. You can stream these workouts from Amazon Video or purchase them on my website if you're not a Prime member in the USA. SERIES 11.0 & beyond will ONLY be available on my website when you join my crew (more information here). The purpose of the schedule is to provide a unique push - for both your body & your mind. If you don't do something different, it's hard to progress forward. Even if you see a workout from Series 5.0, for example, and you've only done Series 1.0 -- you will be fine. I promise. I'm there to guide you and help in all ways I can when you join my crew.

LIVE WORKOUTS: these workouts are usually 35-45 minutes in length. But don't let that scare you! I structure these workouts into rounds so that you can easily do smaller segments of these workouts if time is a concern. Regardless, these workouts should be challenging. And they will leave you feeling energized... and hopefully smiling. And they're NEVER the same!

NUTRITION: Each month, I choose a nutrition focus that I know will help you on the path to creating a healthier life... that is sustainable as well. If you can't stick with it, it's not worth it. And nutrition is a big piece of the puzzle. There is also now an entire 10-video Intermittent Fasting Course available to you when you join my crew.

CONTESTS: The contest portions of my groups is a completely optional piece you can choose to participate in... or not. If you have weight loss goals, you might find the Measurement Contest part of my group to be super motivating. If you're driven by a little friendly competition and fitness output, my ExerStudio Leaderboard Contest might be up your alley. Or maybe you want to take advantage of both. You can win gift cards for your progress & for kicking tail. And regardless, you can track your measurements on my website and see changes over time. (Oh - and check out more about ExerStudio here!) *there will be no ExerStudio content beginning in Oct 2021 -- stay tuned for when these will kick back off!*

CREW COLLAGE: This is a fun addition that has come about since the fall of 2020. This was born from snapping a sweaty, smiling pic after our first LIVE workout of the month... and then putting all of these photos together in a single shot so we can see that even though we might be physically apart... we are never alone. We're in it together.

The collage has become one of the staples in our group each month... and some of us decide to wear matching tanks - which is totally optional, but fun none the less. My crew has proven to me that they LOVE fun, motivating workout tops. And truly, who doesn't?! When we can make something MORE fun (our workouts), we are more likely to be excited about them, get them done, & stick with it.

I'm not saying fun gear is the secret to your success.😜 BUT I am saying they're fun. And fun is awesomely motivating. Each month, there is a new themed tank - and if it speaks to you, you can purchase & wear! You can always find these tanks in my online shop, along with other fun gear!

So there you have it! My monthly fitness groups are about keeping things fun, fresh & motivating. I pour my heart & soul into planning each month and sharing the best, most helpful information I can with you.

And because I 100% believe I will earn your trust when you join my crew... your first month is free. A try-before-you-buy trial period that I promise you won't regret taking a chance on.

Head to to see when the next group begins and make sure you're signed up with a plan before then!

If you have any questions, I'm always here! Make it an awesome day!!

Sweaty hugs,



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