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2023: Your Best Fitness-Year Yet

It's here -- a new year and a fresh opportunity to make the MOST of each moment that lies ahead. Don't make New Years Resolutions that don't last -- it's such a waste of time. Instead, focus on small changes each day that will have a crazy-amazing compound effect over the course of this year ahead.

That is my message to you today. Kick the HUGE resolutions, kick the EXCUSES, and COMMIT to making small changes.


If you're not sure where to start, what to do, how to execute these changes, etc... I AM HERE FOR YOU. I have a plethora of tools to share with you. All you need to do is START, trust the process, allow me to guide you and the results will follow.

Here are some ideas to get started that maybe you didn't even know existed!


This new program will take your endurance, fat loss & mentality to new heights. Take it outside or use this audio program inside on your treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, rowing machine, etc to get an incredible workout and boost in your mood.


I added these amazing workouts to the arsenal in 2022 to be sure you had [even more] options when it came to executing your workouts. These workouts are 100% low impact. They are here for you when you're not feeling 100% (but know the difference between excuses & reasoning... and know you don't need to skip altogether!) or are just looking for something completely low impact.


*HOT* off the press and ready for you! This planner is more than just a fitness planner -- it's your step-by-step guide to setting yearly, monthly & weekly goals so you can break it down, check-in with yourself throughout the year and follow-through [to make it your BEST fitness-year yet!]. This planner is not only a planner -- but is your comprehensive 2023 partner in crime. Another way to have me in your back pocket at all times as the year trucks forward - guiding you each day. Packed with not only step-by-step planning, but sprinkled with healthy recipes, fitness and nutrition tips direct from Maggie, and all kinds of motivational tidbits, truth bombs and check-ins.

SERIES 13.0 (with bands + sliders)

Another new program launched in 2022 that uses 2 of my favorite, completely portable & inexpensive workout tools! Try this program to BURN IT UP in new, different, feels-so-good ways.

YOGA 3.0

It would feel lonely to not mention my new yoga program, also released in 2022. You. guys asked for more yoga -- and I delivered. Remind yourself as you go through the new year how important flexibility and recovery are to your continued overall growth (and health) in fitness.

This is just a handful of tools I have available to keep you excited as the year trucks on. If you'd like even more guidance & support in achieveing your goals, try joining my next fitness group and taking advantage of the friends you'll make in my crew discussion! It's truly the most amazing place on the internet (IMHO).

Just remember you CAN do anything you set your mind to. You CAN achieve big goals. It just takes a little planning, focus, small steps & follow-through.

Enough talk, GO ACT!!! Make it an awesome year and set yourself up for the best to come!



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