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Leg Day, All Day (Workout of the Week)

This week's featured workout of the week is back to those legs. Working the legs is pretty much my favorite workout (obviously Bailey loves it too!) -- and for GOOD reason... check it out:

  • You'll burn more calories & boost your metabolism - the more muscles you work simultaneously (and the larger those muscles are), the more calories you burn throughout exercise. Additionally, when you have more lean muscle mass (especially in these big muscle groups!), you burn more calories all day long.

  • You'll reduce the risk of injury - if you fear knee injuries, performing functional exercises (like lunges & squats) to promote stability of the knee is actually helpful in combatting possible ACL injury.

  • You'll relieve lower back pain - by strengthening the hamstrings, glutes (posterior chain) & core muscles. And stretch those hip flexors too.

  • You'll improve basic function - whether you're an athlete or simply don't want to get fatigued in daily living activities, strengthening your lower half will help propel your forward and keep fatigue at bay.

What day will you be pushing through this leg workout??


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