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Workout of the Week: Full Body Circuit

This week's WORKOUT OF THE WEEK requires zero equipment, but promises to work your entire body with FIERCE.

Each circuit is composed of 3 moves with 3 primary 'purposes'--

  1. Get your heart rate up to optimize calorie burn

  2. Challenge the upper half

  3. Challenge the lower half

Each move doesn't just stop there. For example, you won't find one 'boring' push-up in this workout. Instead, you'll find push-ups combined with other moves to give your upper half - which includes your entire core! - a serious challenge so YOU can continue to improve your fitness... and therefore keep moving forward towards your goals.

It's a challenging workout. BUT keep one thing in mind -- it'll go quick if you focus on each move. You only go through each one twice!!

Questions about a particular exercise in this workout? Comment below! Or shoot me an email to ask. I'd love to hear from you after you complete it!

And remember-- nothing (NOTHING) worth having comes easy. What are your goals worth to you??

Happy sweating!!


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