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Workout SERIES 7.0

I am BEYOND excited to launch my 7th workout program to you -- SERIES 7.0, a new 6 day/week, 15-minute/day workout program that includes the use of weights. This post will share with you what you can expect from Series 7.0 ... including how to access the workouts before they become available on Amazon Video.

I've said it before, but it's worth saying again that resistance training can be done without any weights (i.e. in Series 1.0 - 5.0!), but including weights does add extra challenge to continue to sculpt your muscles and improve your strength & endurance. And if you want to continue changing your body & reaching new goals... you have to continuously add challenge to your body >> by adding constant variation to your workouts via different, functional exercises. This is why Series 7.0 is such an important program to follow Series 6.0.

Just like Series 6.0, this program has 6 (six) workouts, each running about 15-minutes in length.

So let's talk about the actual WORKOUTS included in Series 7.0, because they DO vary from Series 6.0 and add additional challenge (are you surprised?!). Like I said, there are 6. The schedule is to complete all 6 workouts in a weeks' time, and then have a day for rest & recovery. You can begin on any day of the week, but for simplicity, I propose Monday (and plan for a Sunday rest-day).


Monday: 15-Minute Full Body Challenge 7.0

There are 3 (three!) full body workouts in this Series, each geared towards different goals to balance your training and work your body smart and efficiently. This workout is a great one to start your week. This full body challenge will require every muscle in your body to work hard -- spiking your heart rate, burning calories & strengthening your body head to toe.

Tuesday: 15-Minute Full Body Balance & Tone 7.0

This [second] full body workout is full of compound exercises that recruit your muscles in fresh and varying ways. I designed it to place extra emphasis on the use of your core muscles as you tone your entire body. It's a great follow-up from Full Body Challenge and super-important variety needed to train SMART.

Wednesday: 15-Minute HIIT 7.0

I personally love - and am excited for - this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. It's all about intensity here (not impact) and you will absolutely be pushed to your max with these challenging and awesome moves. Not to mention you'll slash calories and keep burning them all day after this total body challenge.

Thursday: 15-Minute Cardio Core 7.0

After 2 days of full body workouts plus a HIIT workout (which... is full body :) ...), this workout will deliver exactly what you're looking for on Day 4 of this program. As we circuit through cardio + core exercises, you'll be left sweaty ... and your entire body happy and energized (core included!), yet pushed.

Friday: 15-Minute Full Body Chisel & Burn 7.0

Back to full body we go! Chisel and burn through this total body workout with your third full body workout in this 7.0 program. This workout rounds out the week and provides fresh challenge and different exercises to keep your body challenged and ever-improving. I promise you a good sweat session, and results to boot.

Saturday: 15-Minute Cardio Flow 7.0

This workout is just what you need after a week of hard work... but the work doesn't actually stop here. :) A fantastic mix of cardio & strength moves ... intermixed with yoga-inspired flow. We continue moving through several exercises designed to help you feel energized, recover efficiently and keep improving flexibility - an important aspect of conquering your goals.


I know you're as excited as I am! Now -- how to access the workouts!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will have access to this entire program (included in your Prime membership) as soon as Amazon Video publishes them (in the next few weeks). If you're not a Prime member - OR you would simply like access to them NOW - you're in luck.


If you'd like to access them early, this is where you'll do so. Simply click here to purchase them prior to their release on Amazon. You can purchase individual workouts or the entire series as a package. You will then be sent private links to stream them.


I have also created a 30-minute workout schedule for those of you looking for 30-minutes / day. It is a safe way to combine each of the workout in SERIES 7.0 twice per day. Click here to download the schedule (scroll down & and remember to use the free code so you don't pay a penny).


I will be in touch with all updates! And simply cannot wait to hear what you think of this program... :) So please let me know!

Have a lovely day!



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