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Workout Series 10.0 is Here!

Yep, you read that right! Series 10.0 - another workout program with weights - is officially available! As of today, 12.20.20, the workouts are FULLY AVAILABLE *both* on my website & on Amazon Prime Video.

And speaking of Amazon Video... there is an important change I need to share with you about the launching of this Series & how you'll find/access the workouts! Series 10.0 will be published as one full 'season' with episodes (you'll be taken to the SEASON when you click the image above). ALL of my other Series (1.0-9.0 plus both Yoga Series) have been published to Prime Video as standalone videos. My hope is that this change to 'episodic' will help you to go through the Series with ease - from grouping all of the workouts in one place to easily viewing the order in which I planned for you to complete them each week. I will not be changing the method in which you find & play prior workouts. This change will be effective only for Series 10.0 (and future Series!).

Another update / change I'm pretty excited about beginning in Series 10.0 is that I am mic'd-up a little differently... and I certainly hope you love the improved sound quality!!! Click here if you do not have Prime Video & need to access these workouts via my website instead.

Just like Series 6.0-9.0, this Series includes 6 different workouts & the use of dumbbells (or any weights you choose). Here is what's in store for you in this Series!


Kickoff your week with this total body workout which has you push through 2 awesome supersets. Kick the boredom. Amp up the calorie burn & fun. And watch this workout fly by. I hope you love this full body workout as much as I do to start your week!


Another yoga + strength workout for you! This workout (similar to the one in Series 7.0) is geared towards raising your heart rate through excellent strength moves, flowed together with some wonderful yoga stretches. Stretch + strength + calorie burn all in one! Woohoo :)

DAY 3 - HIIT (tabata-style)

A tabata-style HIIT workout that circuits through exercises quickly & effectively. If you crave a workout that will burn mega calories and be done before you know it, this one is right up your alley. The structure will mimic that in 8.0 and 9.0, but you know the workout will be fresh & challenging!


This workout pushes your upper body strength to new heights with cardio intervals packed in to keep your stamina up and your endurance improving. I took the format you loved from 9.0... and made it even better (in my opinion, of course)! :)


An amazing workout to chisel & sculpt your lower half. We quickly, but efficiently, work through 3 supersets of exercises that promise to make a difference for your legs & booty. You know I love leg day... & I know you do too!


Wrap-up your week with this high-energy and fun cardio + core workout. Get sweaty & stronger as we work through 2 supersets of exercises that compliment each other and have you feeling great by the end. And your weights are actually optional in this one!

I can't wait to hear what you think & how this program feels for you! Please keep me posted. And if you love it lots... leaving a review on Amazon for any/each video would be AWESOME for me to see!!! :) Thank you so much - happy sweating! Maggie


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