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Workout At Home (without bothering your neighbors)

If at-home workouts have become a new thing for you, you might be wondering how to get the most out of them *without bothering your neighbors.*

Or... alternatively, you could always just tell them you need 15-30 minutes and you'll be done in a flash! ;)

REGARDLESS, if you want tips on keeping your noise down, you'll want to keep your impact low, but still keep your calorie burn HIGH... and I got you! These tips can apply to ANY exercise program / workout plan, including my own 15-minute workouts.

Here are my 2 main tips:

1) Add weight

2) Amp up the pace / cadence / tempo

If adding weight isn't an option, you'll simply accelerate your tempo. If both are an option, do both! The key is to CHALLENGE YOUR BODY, and you don't *need* high impact moves to accomplish that. If you add weight and/or increase tempo, and remove the jump/impact move, you are going to spike your heart rate.

BONUS: you're also going to be kinder to your joints. So note... you can do this to simply make a higher-impact workout a LOWER IMPACT one. The key is always intensity. Always.

It's really that simple.

Here are some examples of common high-impact moves... and how to adjust them to make it work for you, whether your neighbors are the reason or not:

Squat / Lunge Jumps:

Take out the jump and power to your toes for a calf raise at the top instead. Quicken the pace or add weight, or both.


Walk (vs. jump) through the movement! Squat down, place hands on floor, step each foot back to plank position, do your push-up (on knees or toes!), step your feet back in and stand up.


Stay low and remove the jump. The key here is to STAY LOW and still move quickly through the move.

High Knees:

Reach your arms up high above your head and pull them towards your knee as you lift one to your chest, crunching through your core. Continue by quickly alternating knees, raising your arms above you and crunching hands to knee with each raise.

Butt kicks:

Take out the 'run' and instead alternate powerfully squeezing your heel up towards your booty (when I say squeeze, I mean activate / feel that hamstring work!). Alternate sides, keeping your core engaged.

Have a question about another move you'd like to modify? Please ASK in my community page or join this month's fitness group where you get TONS of info, motivation, support and inspiration.

Sweaty hugs,



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