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January Fitness Group Time!

The first fitness 'contest' of 2019 starts tomorrow (1.7.19) and I can't wait to kick it off with you! Your sign-up deadline is tonight (1.6.19) at 9:00pm EST, so check out the following info STAT (and for even more details & to get signed up, just click here).

This fitness contest is named for the increased motivation from prizes (i.e. $$$ gift cards!) you can win for your progress over the course of this 2-week challenge. It is optional to participate in the contest portion of the challenge. If you do decide to participate in the contest portion, your measurements/pictures/weight will never be shared publicly; you only send that information to my private email address, which is where it stays. This accountability part is to ME only.

The group support, accountability and conversations happen in our private Facebook group. This is also where the LIVE workouts are streamed each week (and available for replay 24/7).

The weekly workout schedule is one I create specifically for the current month's contest. You are MORE than welcome to follow Series 1.0, 2.0 (and so-on) instead. You are also more than welcome to add in other workouts (i.e. running) if your time allows. This month's workout schedule is as follows:

Each of these workouts may be streamed from Amazon Video (free for Prime members) as well as on my website (scroll to 'workout videos').

There is a LIVE Q+A on Day 2 of the contest to answer all of your burning questions - and make sure you can apply the 'answers' to your life. If you can be there live, awesome. If not, you will have the chance to submit your questions prior and I will answer them for you. We'll also continue the discussion of any questions over the course of the 2-weeks that need further chatting.😊

You may elect to sign-up for the contest with a Meal Plan to help balance your nutrition and find a lifestyle way of eating that is healthy and sustainable. This will include one of my Meal Plans being shared with you at a discount. If you have purchased a Meal Plan previously (i.e. you already have Meal Plan #1), you will be sent the next Meal Plan in sequence (i.e. Meal Plan #2). If you have questions about my Meal Plans, click here.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask! When you're ready to sign up, head over here to officially do so. Make sure you follow steps 1 & 2!!

I am super excited to start 2019 with an awesome bang alongside you! Let's do this!




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