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Boiler Up!

At the beginning of January, I caught wind that my alma mater had shared about my

15-Minute Workout Series on their social media pages... and I responded with such happiness, pride, excitement and gratefulness. It was - for lack of better words - just so super COOL for me. I was on cloud nine -- the feeling that Purdue was proud of me, a transfer student (from University of Dayton - go flyers too!) who graduated after a short stint of just 2.5 years there. I have always been grateful for and proud of the education Purdue provided me. And of course for the experiences I have from being in West Lafayette. So talk about a confidence boost.

Then they caught wind of my emotional response and asked if I would be willing to answer some interview questions for Purdue's College of Health & Human Sciences news site as Purdue celebrates 150 Years of Giant Leaps this year.


So without much need to say more... THANK YOU, thank you so much Purdue! I appreciate you.

Smile, and don't forget to SWEAT today! :)




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