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Cyber Monday, Fitness-Style😅

Cyber Monday is about here... and for us that means we kick off our one-week DEFY DECEMBER Fitness Contest — and you need to be there.💪🏻🤩


Get back on track! 

Prize Incentives 

Weight loss 


Fitness plan to follow 


... to name a few.🙌🏻

This will be an awesome week of getting back on track, DEFYING what the holidays often bring each year— weight gain & food struggles. 

We’ll focus in hard— together. And reap the benefits together!

BUT you have to sign up today! The more the merrier (literally— more participants = more prizes). Invite your friends, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles & cousins... let’s do this! 

Every detail can be found here  ( 

Can’t wait to start it up with you!!!


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