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Thanksgiving Detox Plan👌🏻

Eat & drink too much yesterday? ME TOO. Still leftovers you’ll be snacking on for the rest of this weekend? ME TOO. 👊🏻🤩That’s exactly why you should JOIN ME for my one-week Defy December Fitness Contest that starts on Monday! 

It will be fun, motivating and get you back on track. While the holidays are 110% for enjoying delicious foods/drinks and spending QT with the people you love, oftentimes that comes at the price of weight gain. And that weight gain is hard to take off ... so why not try to avoid it in the first place? 

That’s what we’ll do. Together. With a fantastic PLAN and PRIZE INCENTIVES for you to work hard. Because let’s be real... your effort to maintain (or lose) this winter will require some work if you want to be successful. So let’s do it — and have the payoff of results... and prizes! 

Click HERE  to read *all* the details and get signed up! 

And please email me to ask any questions you have.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 


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