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Workout of the Week: Treadmill + Upper Body

Have you ever been in a group fitness class (or maybe even in a personal training session) and your trainer has told you to 'just do one more!,' or 'rest is for the weak - don't stop now!'

I might be guilty, whether it be in group fitness, personal training or in my online workouts.

The reason I bring it up is because of one important thing I want to make sure you REALIZE...

*You are in charge of YOU. You know YOUR limits. You are the only one who gets how YOU feel. And you are the only one who can TRULY push yourself.*

A motivating instructor / trainer is a FABULOUS thing! I try my darnedest to be one each & every day. But the truth is, unless I have been working with you one-on-one for a decent amount of time, I probably don't know just how much you can push. The only person who knows that is you. And guess what?! The only person who can PUSH THROUGH when your mind says no (but your body CAN keep going) is also YOU.

And in case you were wondering, YOU are also the only person who can figure out this balance. If you're literally about to pass out / throw up / injure yourself from poor form then YES, you probably need to take that break. But if your muscles are fatiguing and you just feel tired... you should probably keep pushing because you know what's going to happen each time you do? You will IMPROVE. You will become STRONGER. You will inch your way closer and closer to your fitness GOALS.

But if you find yourself giving up the moment you feel that muscle burn... you need to step it up, my friends. :)

With that said, here is this week's WORKOUT OF THE WEEK. The number in parentheses is the speed (mph) that I went in this particular workout. I share it as an EXAMPLE and a guide for you... but by all means know you can go FASTER or SLOWER depending on you and how you feel.

workout of the week

Whatcha think? Good stuff?! Work it and don't forget to PUSH YOURSELF... because no one else will do it for you.


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