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Workout of the Week + Benefits of Cardio ❤️

As your football Sunday 🏈 comes to a close, I wanted to share your #workoutoftheweek for this week. And it's a good one (let's be honest.... they all are🙌🏻).

But first... do you know why cardio is so good for you? Check it...

  • Burn calories. And the longer the session (or the more intense), the more calories you'll burn.

  • Increase muscle tone, which helps to increase your basal metabolic rate (in other words, the amount of calories you need simply to perform your body's basic functions each day).

  • Increase effectiveness & efficiency of internal body functions (heart's strength to pump blood, carry CO2 and waste out of muscle, etc).

  • Reduce your risk of disease (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, etc).

  • Improve your state of mind::: combat stress, anxiety, depression, and even improve self-esteem.

So yeah, those 20-30 minutes of cardio I typically include prior to your strength session... don't skip those. Questions about any of the leg moves? Ask me! I'm sure someone else is wondering the same thing you are.

Bailey and I are chillin getting ready for the week ahead (she worked hard with leg day earlier too-- did you see!?). I hope you have a wonderful one!

😅 Maggie

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