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Nutrition Tips & Intermittent Fasting (IF)

UPDATE: My Intermittent Fasting Course is available to you NOW (24/7) when you join my crew. This course includes 10 videos detailing exactly how to make IF work in your life to improve your energy, how you feel, your health and - of course - get you to your fitness & weight goals. Find the course here.

Many of you voiced your opinions to me when I asked this week on FB & IG what you would rather see MORE of in upcoming monthly fitness groups... and while there were LOTS of votes for more fitness, more of you want additional help & guidance with NUTRITION (with many of you noting Intermittent Fasting, or IF, at the same time).

So that's what you'll get.

I already have meal plans available to you, so let me first cover what these are. I created these to provide you with simple, easy, healthy (and delicious) recipes that will help transition you to a lifestyle of eating a more sustainable, balanced, energizing and satisfying diet. And to be clear, when I use the word 'diet,' I do NOT mean diet in the word's typical use. I mean a WAY OF EATING that is sustainable for the duration of your life, not something short-term.

My meal plans are ultimately examples of how I eat. I put them together using meals I make for myself the most often. I follow a relatively balanced dietary intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I do my best to take in high quality foods to optimize the macro and micronutrients I feed my body. I do not restrict any particular food group. I do provide vegetarian options in each of the meal plans, so they are vegetarian-friendly, but not vegetarian focused.

I believe in eating in a way that is balanced in macro and micronutrients, fulfilling in taste and satiation, and which helps to fuel your body in a way that will give you energy - for life and challenging workouts. I have 'practiced' IF (I think that sounds weird - but it's the best way to put it) since 2014/15. I have never successfully followed any 'plan' for any period of time, but with IF, there is nothing rigid to follow. It is flexible. It is what you make it. And it can work for many people. I mention IF in my meal plans because it is something I practice, but they are not designed to be used only with IF by any means.

In addition to accessing these meal plans, I will now be offering additional, specific tools, tips and education in nutrition in my upcoming fitness groups (AKA fitness contests). So what will that entail?

> Info session + Q&A discussion on intermittent fasting where I'll cover the following:

  • How to give it a honest shot in your life to see if it's something for you

  • The different eating & fasting windows of IF

  • Possible benefits of following IF

  • ... and continued conversation, tips & tricks.

> What to fuel your body with pre-, during and post-workout for optimal fitness and muscle recovery.

> 6 additional healthy recipes (snacks and/or meals) to help fuel you & reach your health & fitness goals.

You'll be amazed at how much we can cover and discover in 2 weeks with what's listed above, not to mention the extended topics of conversation that will spark amongst the group (and be further discussed!). PS - I love this video (especially for women) and this one on how IF is totally awesome for men, women, athletes and nonathletes.

I am on a mission to help you reach your fitness goals. That's why I created quick, effective workouts and made them available to you wherever you are. There is great power that comes along with feeling fit and happy with ones physical abilities. It is empowering to do something today that you couldn't do a couple months ago. And while we can make great strides in fitness & self confidence without any substantial changes to our nutrition, we can KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK when we find a balanced way of eating that works well for our body. And that's why nutrition & fitness go hand in hand.

I want to remind you that even when you find this 'balanced, sustainable' way of eating, it is still okay to stray from it, indulge, and enjoy foods & drinks that you love, but that may not make the cut when it comes to what you consume in the highest quantities daily. I've not been shy about sharing that I LOVE food - and really, that I love eating. I made it a habit from a young age to eat in a way that I researched to be healthy. I've adjusted what that means to me over the years, but I've always enjoyed eating, making healthier dishes, and indulging in things like chocolate, ice cream, candy (I like sweets!), pizza, etc.

I am excited to share more with you and to continue helping you to reach your goals.

Can't wait to link arms with you in July! If you're ready to join, go ahead and sign up now.



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