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June Fitness Contest

Summer feels like it's in full swing (woohoo!), and this 2-week workout (challenge/contest) group will keep your fitness fresh, your workouts ever-changing, your body challenged and your mind ready for it all.

Over the last 2 years, I have hosted these groups on a monthly basis... and they have evolved to honor your wishes, motivate you to a greater extent, and truly make a difference (in my life AND yours). Prizes have become an awesome motivator. The workout plans are constantly changing to keep your mind and body challenged. The LIVE weekly workouts make sure you get an extra umph of challenge from yours truly... and the live Q&A offered in week 1 assures you get YOUR burning questions answered.

June 3rd kicks off a fresh, new group - and I would be honored to have you link arms and be a part of it. Click here to read more details about it or here to go ahead and get your sweet self all signed up (click the icon at the top for 'fitness contest'). If you have any questions... I'm an email away. PS - if you missed this group... don't you worry, I guarantee I have one starting soon!

Can't wait to get to know you better! See you soon!



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