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June FREE Contest!

free contest week

Let's have some fun working out together again this month!! To prep for my 2-week June Fitness Contest Group... I will again be virtually hosting a FREE contest week. So get excited... and get ready to share all your sweaty-selfies after working out with me!

Have you tried my 15-minute workouts available on Amazon yet? If not... this is a great time to dive in. I have 5 different SERIES, each with their own weekly schedule to follow. 15-minutes/day ... no equipment needed ... do anywhere ... work every muscle group ... reap results from balanced & effective training I've designed specially for you.

So how will FREE WEEK work?

It starts this MONDAY, JUNE 4th... so first off, mark your calendar! It'll wrap up on FRIDAY, JUNE 8th.

Each day of the contest, pick one of my 15-minutes workouts (or more than 1!) to complete... then SNAP a pic after & TAG ME on social media to share that we worked out together (check out "how to tag" below)!

A random winner will be selected from the posts I'm tagged in & that person will be gifted with a $15 gift card to the store of their choosing.


Mention @fitnessmaggie in your post by tagging my "Maggie Binkley Fitness" Facebook page.


Mention @fitnessmaggie in your post by tagging my "Fitness Maggie" Instagram account.

Questions? Shoot me an email! I'll be happy to hear from ya!

Can't wait to see your beautiful, sweaty faces this week!!!! Smile big -- you're doing GREAT THINGS for your self!

Maggie :)

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