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Spring Forward (Fitness-Style)

It's time for another fitness contest! And this one comes at perfect post-Easter sweets + post-April Fool's + pre-SUMMER BODY timing! #amiright? (yes)

I'm not the first one to tell you that you can't wake up Memorial Day weekend and decide you want to be in great summer shape -- it takes a lot more prep-work than that (...for those of you who live in the lovely South & didn't put that together -- Memorial Day is when the POOLS open up for the season in most places *not* warm year-round).

If you need a little boost to get on track to that summer bod... this will be a fantastic group for you to do so.

Back it up -- do I *encourage* needing to 'get in summer shape?' NO. I encourage staying in the best shape you can all year long. But I know this doesn't always happen (I can wish, right?!). Just thought I'd mention it...

This contest will be awesome. It comes at perfect timing, it'll be complete with amazing people with similar goals as YOU. Don't exclude yourself. Don't you dare think "this group might not be for me." Instead, take a peek at this page to see what this group IS about, what it includes, and how it just might be exactly what you (and all your friends) need.

Deadline for sign-ups will be here before you know it (Easter Sunday is the deadline... but if you wait until then, I promise the likelihood of you saying... 'maybe next time' will creep into your head... and that defeats the whole purpose).

I am always available to answer questions, by the way. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, friends!!! Don't be a stranger!


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