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Treadmill + Back & Triceps {Workout of the Week}

Drop the mic. This week's workout was pretty sweet. My triceps were sore for days (... which includes today as I write this). My back and legs also FELT the work. And that's always a sign of a good workout (my opinion... but that counts, right?!).

I have been limiting my running because of my recent arthritis diagnosis. But with my new rigid shoe insole, I feel more confident that I'm not damaging my toe joint at an accelerating pace. However, my foot & ankle haven't been feeling great post-run so I haven't been doing a lot of it (probably because of the insole and the difference in which my foot is moving with it).

It's both more comfortable and enjoyable to do intervals... like below.

If you don't walk to use a treadmill, you could do the same hard/recovery intervals on any piece of cardio equipment (or even without equipment!).

Happy sweating, friends!!


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