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NEW Exercise Vids + Workout of the Week!

You're going to LOVE this week's Workout of the Week as much as I do.

Why? Because it's tough - but in a fun, challenge yourself + impress yourself kinda way.

Kick it off with 15 minutes of cardio - your choice (meaning you can run, walk, jump rope, elliptical, bike, etc). Then head into each superset of exercises - going through each one once before repeating (i.e. set 1 of 15x single DB clean squat press --> 20x lat pull down --> set 2 of 15x single DB squat press... and so on).

There are 3 NEW EXERCISES in my Exercise Library that I've added to make sure I'm 100% clear on HOW to do the exercises in this workout. Click the links below to see my instructional videos! (and make sure you check out the Exercise Library often for awesome exercise + workout ideas! I have the exercises grouped into upper body, lower body, core and full body.)

It might also be helpful to check out Side Lunges in this video. But in the workout below, I did not do the knee lift - you can choose to or just step together. Make sure when you lunge to the side, your weight goes back into the heel of the leg you step into as you bend your knee and "sit back" into a lunge (ultimately a 1-leg squat). You'll feel a stretch in the inner thigh of the other leg, which you should try to keep relatively straight.

What's a Burpee, you say? This video shows how to do it with a BOSU, but in the workout below, I simply did it on the floor (push-up on the floor and still jumping when you stand). *Important* When you squat down to place your hands on the floor, make sure your feet are wider than your hands. Then, jump or step back to a plank position + do a push-up (on the knees OR toes) and jump/step your feet back in -- AGAIN wider than your hands -- and power up. Why do I recommend keeping your feet wider? Because it puts less pressure on your knees. And we all love our knees... right??? :) The third lower body exercise in this video will show you how to do Balance Lunge Jumps. Ultimately, you lunge one leg behind you as you hinge forward (from your hips) and reach towards the floor with the opposing hand. Then, use the stabilizing leg below you (not the one lunging behind you) to power up and drive your knee upwards as you jump up off the ball of the foot. Make sure you keep your weight in your front heel when you lunge backwards. And remember you don't have to get AIR - you can always remove the jump and power up to the tip of your toe to work the calf as well.

Questions? Shoot me an email & I'll help!! Remember to SHARE WITH A FRIEND that you know could use a great workout like this!

full body workout of the week

Have a fabulous week!! Maggie

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