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Glutes + Hamstrings (Workout of the Week!)

Hey there! This week's post is simply about two things: your workout of the week & your friendly reminder to join me for this month's BOO-ty Virtual Fitness Group. We begin this week... so if you're not signed up yet... you better get on it!

Enough said about that. You know where to find all the information on it (right here😅 ).

This week's workout is all about the lower half of your backside... booty & hamstrings. My favorites. Just to be clear, I want you to choose two levels on the bike that 1) give you a moment to recover (but still work!), and 2) challenges you! I still consider myself quite a newbie on the bike (I only started using it after my diagnosis last month)... and my levels reflect that (the top level option is 25!). I hope to continue to improve... but level 25 sounds, um, like I may not ever get there.😜

For the strength supersets, make sure you go through each exercise once, then repeat for a total of 3 times through (i.e. 15x stiff leg deadlifts... 15x deep squats... 15x stiff leg deadlifts again... etc). Then move onto the next superset.

If you have any questions... you know where to find me!

And remember... this week & always... to LIVE. WITH. INTENTION. It's not easy to remember day-in and day-out, and when life is stressful or moves too quickly... but when we do, we make the most of our days, our actions, our words, and our MOMENTS. I can learn from you as much as you can from me... and I think we can ALL work to be a little better at this.

So that's my focus this week.

Make it a wonderful one! Maggie

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