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Workout of the Week: Run + Chest & Back

HEY you!! So... the big question is, did you partake in watching the solar eclipse today?! We totally did! While it was slightly disappointing (a storm literally rolled in exactly when it was peaking!), we DID get to see it and we're grateful for that [most likely] once in a lifetime experience.

justin & i

So how about this week's WORKOUT OF THE WEEK?! Yay for sweat!!!

This week, you're taking it relatively easy (I say that because you're not doing intervals) and just running it out on the treadmill / outside / wherever for 20 minutes. Warm-up for a couple minutes then move into 'push pace,' which means I'd like you to be breathing heavy... it would be difficult to carry on a conversation at your pace. Cool? Cool!

For your chest & back exercises, make sure you go through each superset 3 times. If you have questions about the exercises themselves... I'm only a quick message away. Or comment below!! Someone else MOST LIKELY has the same question you do!

Love this workout?! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Have a fab week!

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