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Workout of the Week: Elliptical + Leg Day

I realized the last several 'workout of the weeks' I have shared have been upper body! Totally unintentional to have left out my favorite day.....


I am strategic about when I work my legs. And every other muscle group for that matter. I try to make sure I have a balance between the LIVE classes I lead virtually, high impact exercise (like running) and low-impact (like the elliptical, among other things). And of course balance through each of the muscle groups. Too much of one thing can - and will - lead to injury (been there, dealt with that).

So often - not always - I pair leg day with a lower impact form of cardio, like the elliptical. It honestly depends on the rest of my workouts that week as to whether I know running + leg day would be a good idea.

This week, leg day got paired with the elliptical. HEY - do you think the elliptical is boring?

Okay, so I admit it's not the most exciting piece of equipment (but really... is there ONE that is super-exciting all by itself??), but there are ways to make the time go quickly, get a great sweat on, burn calories and improve heart health (don't you dare forget that's where "cardio" gets it's name... because it's good for that HEART of yours!). Intervals are amazing for all of the above. Commit to them and let the good times roll, like in today's 'workout of the week.'

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Hugs, sweat & happiness,


Note::: this elliptical goes up to a level of 20

workout of the week

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