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How This Mama Lost 5.6 Pounds in 17 Days

Losing weight is impressive. When you've entered into a 'slump' that makes your efforts feel like literally lifting an elephant off your shoulders... that 'impressiveness' is amped to a whole new level.

That's what happened with this amazing mother of twins. She backed herself into a hole of self-loathing, sadness and inadequacies. It took time to get there, but when she felt at her lowest, she also felt empowered to take ACTION. So she joined my July Virtual Fitness Group.

In just 17 days, she had lost 5.6+ pounds (with no intention of finding that weight again) and impressed herself with the results she saw in herself. Less bloated. Visible toning. This boosted her confidence and has lit a new fire in her, and now she's more motivated than ever to keep moving nowhere but forward.

So, what did she do in those 17 days?!

  1. She worked out for15 minutes/day, 5 days/week by following my Series 1.0 workouts on Amazon.

  2. She did one longer workout each week that I record live for my virtual fitness group (45-60 minutes in length).

  3. She ate mostly whole foods focusing on optimum nutritional value vs. calories and...

  4. She PUSHED HERSELF even when she didn't 'feel like it.'

It didn't come 'easy.' Nowhere even close. She has worked hard. She's asked for support from the people close to her. She's held herself accountable by reaching out to me and sharing consistently in our virtual group. She's enjoyed herself on vacation, but gotten back on track after. Her progress is still in motion, and she's keeping her motivation up & focus diligent.

I am so proud of this woman and can't wait to see what else she's going to accomplish. Her mind is set and there's no backing down... and if nothing else, she knows it's THAT much harder to start back up again after a fallback.

If this sounds like something YOU would benefit from... maybe this lovely lady's mentality is where you are now... reach out to me!! That's what I'm here for. The August Virtual Group is in session... but there's no reason you can't join us. What are you waiting for???

Sweaty Hugs, 😅


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