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Workout of the Week: Incline Walk + High Rep Arms

So I know you what you might be thinking... ANOTHER treadmill and arm workout?!

And my response... YUP.

Reminder / news flash... while I am a HUGE believer in variety in your workouts... they also kinda have to be a little bit monotonous to get that consistency you NEED for results / continued improvement. And these are MY workouts I'm sharing with you -- not just a workout I wrote up for you to follow. And this one is actually from TODAY.

Today's was a high-rep arm workout with some low-impact cardio. My left knee was feeling a little wonky, so I opted for walking today. And I wanted to switch things up a lot with some high-rep biceps and triceps work. As long as the last 3-5 reps are a CHALLENGE, you are using enough weight. If not, you need to bump it up!!

Here it is! Questions? You know where to find me >>> Facebook / Email / Comment Below

incline walk + high rep arms

Cheers to YOU and your fitness goals!

Maggie :)

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