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Get RESULTS This August!

After months of success in my virtual fitness groups, I am PUMPED to invite you to August's Summer Smackdown! It's going to be better than ever. No more letting summer slip down the tube without keeping up your fitness regimen -- or going through the entire summer without getting one started! -- we're here to motivate, dominate and feel GREAT in our skin.

Here's all you need to know about it... get reading because we start August 1st!


Guarantee your August declares #summersmackdown with 5 (five) LIVE workouts, a weekly workout plan to follow, daily motivation + accountability from myself & your peers, weekly chats to answer FAQs, topics of interest, etc! HOW DO THE LIVE WORKOUTS WORK?

These workouts are streamed live via a private Facebook group each week. It is NOT mandatory to tune-in live; these workouts will be available throughout the entire month to replay so you can complete them at a time that works in YOUR schedule. However, I highly urge you to complete each live workout before the end of the week in which it's recorded (if you let yourself "fall behind," it tends to lead to feelings of defeat + failure... and I am NOT about that!). Wanna try a live workout? Here's one from our May Virtual Fitness Group! WHEN DOES IT ALL HAPPEN?

The LIVE workouts will happen every Tuesday in August @ 10:00am EST. The first will be Tuesday, August 1st and the last will be August 29th. Can’t make it live? Again, this is NO PROBLEM. The workouts will be up for you to access ANYTIME that works for you. WHAT ABOUT MY LOCATION?

This 110% does not matter. Most of my virtual fitness groups are made up of amazing people who are not local to where I am (Baltimore). Anywhere that you can access Facebook, you will rock #SummerSmackdown. I’ll be recording the LIVE workouts from my living room (sometimes up on our roof!) … and you do them wherever you are. DO I NEED ANY EQUIPMENT?

Nope. There will be no equipment needed. You just need wifi and/or data to stream. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

$25 for the entire month. HOW DO I JOIN?! Two simple steps:

First, send $25 to one of the following:

>> Venmo: @Maggie-Binkley >> PayPal: Second, request to join the private Facebook group (click here)

(if you don't have PayPal or Venmo, but want to join, please email me)

Any other questions? Just shoot me an email or fill out my contact form. I am SO EXCITED for this month ahead... it's going to be AWESOME!

Can't wait to have you... in fitness & happiness,


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